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About Us

Saskatchewan Friendly – Family Run IT Service

Let’s optimize your bottom line.

Why SenTec?

SenTec is more than just an IT Firm   It’s a one-stop technology firm.

With experience and a constantly-evolving, innovative approach to cloud-based tools, SenTec works like you want to work -from your computer to your mobile devices we have got you covered. So you can rest assured knowing your computer and network are safe and secure.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re growing and expanding your small business, SenTec is there to give you everything you need- with unlimited support and no hidden fees.We won’t nickel and dime you make you jump through hoops to access our services. As a SenTec customer, you can purchase service upgrades or pay for additional products and solutions online using your credit card.

Small businesses trust SenTec for:

• Expert, experienced teams for managed services

• Qualified advice

• Innovative technologies such as ServTec, DeskTec, and StorTec

• An unparalleled suite of services

We keep it simple so you can get right back to business.

SenTec gives you expert advice you just can’t get from break fix IT Provide and the support you want without the extra costd. When it comes to your IT and Technology, you never walk alone.

 *Note: SenTec is a registered LTD corporation registered in Saskatchawen.