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My Story

Hey there, I'm Dwaine Senechal, your friendly neighborhood explorer of all things Canadian, from the bustling streets of Montréal to the peaceful plains of Saskatchewan. Yup, I've racked up more miles than a migrating goose!

Born and bred in Montréal, I've had more moves than a game of chess - from Québec to New Brunswick, Ontario to Alberta, and now, settling down in the friendly land of Saskatchewan.

My journey started young when I bid adieu to Montréal and traded bagels for the breathtaking scenery of northern Ontario. Then it was off to Kitchener, where I juggled wrenches in a factory by day and books by night.

Cue the plot twist - off to Camrose Alberta for some deep theological pondering, where I stumbled upon Cheryl, my partner in both theological debates and life's wild adventures.

In my twenties, Cheryl and I found ourselves in the chaotic embrace of southern Ontario, raising three tiny troublemakers while I dipped my toes into the entrepreneurial pool. Who needs formal computer training when you can MacGyver your way through tech troubles?

Enter the era of cellular chaos! I found myself knee-deep in Blackberries and business-to-business sales, navigating the murky waters of wireless wonders. Thus, the IT consultant extraordinaire was born, alongside the brainchild, Wireless Consultants - a venture that was more rollercoaster than smooth sailing!

But wait, there's more! Cheryl and I decided to dabble in divine duties and launched Good Spirit Community Church in the heart of Saskatchewan. From spreading spiritual wisdom to rolling up our sleeves for community causes, we've been the dynamic duo of faith and fun.

And just when you thought life couldn't get any crazier, a job offer from the good old US of A landed on my doorstep, whisking me away on a cyber adventure. From junior tech to sales maestro, I climbed the ladder before taking the leap and starting SENTEC Business Solutions, your go-to guru for IT and cyber safety.

But amidst the chaos of business ventures and technological twists, Cheryl and I have always kept our hearts grounded in the community, spreading love and joy as foster parents through the Saskatchewan Foster Parents Association.

So, here's to the wild ride of life, filled with laughter, love, and more adventures than a Canadian goose migration!


Public Speaking, Reading Guitar And Computer Games

Fueled by my love for public speaking (and the occasional craving for free coffee at events), I'm often caught leading Office 365 training sessions—because who doesn't want to learn about spreadsheets at 8 AM on a Monday? When I'm not deciphering computer codes or strumming my guitar like I'm auditioning for a one-man band, you'll find me charming unsuspecting participants with the wonders of cloud-based collaboration.

And if that's not quirky enough, my passion for public speaking somehow intersects with my weird obsession with comparative religions, history, and philosophy. Forget about diving into bestsellers; I'd rather dive into the depths of existential crises and ancient civilizations. So, whether I'm unlocking the secrets of Office 365 or pondering the meaning of life, my hobbies keep me on a rollercoaster of excitement and confusion—kind of like trying to beat level 99 of a video game with the manual in Chinese.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

306 620 2297

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