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Network Documentation Services

Network Documentation can be defined as the blueprint of your business and the systems that run it. It is like an organization chart for your network. It is a diagram of how a network is configured; how the applications and hardware work together.

Have you ever tried to figure out how something was installed, a password, warranty info, etc.? One of the most crucial mistakes a business makes with IT is the lack of documentation.

Network Configuration

Disaster recovery becomes near impossible; upgrades and new installs take more time; internet connections are down because of unknown passwords; vendor contact information is lost, etc. All of these are eliminated with an accurate and properly maintained network document. There should be a paper copy, electronic copy and one kept offsite in both forms of media.

We will work with you to develop documentation and assist you with putting policies in place to maintain it.

The reality is, a business needs to continue regardless of what happens to the network or staff. Being proactive and documenting the network provides a much needed insurance policy.

“Nothing can be built or more importantly, rebuilt, without a blueprint including your IT infrastructure.”, Kevin Rawlick, President, CTO.

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