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Managed Backups

Disaster Recovery


The most critical IT process on your server, computer and/or network is the data backup, verification and storage. We offer the following solutions.

Onsite Backup to Network Storage Device

Whether we use a rotation of USB drives, external RAID device or a network area storage device (NAS) we will provide daily, hourly or even every 15 minute backups.

Integrate a NAS Device on Network with VS Capabilities

Server backups are stored on a NAS device designed with hardware to function as a virtual server if yours goes down. Within an hour you will be back up and running while the dead server is worked on or a new server is delivered.

Offsite Backup

We are able to export your data backups offsite using the highest security available during the transfer. All data is stored in a redundant secure data center. All data is encrypted on the server in a highly encrypted format. Data is available to restore anywhere you have an internet connection.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

No matter the size of your business, it is essential to have a policy in place in case of either technical or natural disaster. We will sit down with you and develop a disaster recovery plan. We will help you implement the disaster recovery plan into company policy. We will document and train your entire staff on the policy implemented within your company.

Email Archival System

Teamed up with a leader in their field we are proud to offer a robust and easy to manage email archival system for those companies where email standard compliance is a must.

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