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Kelowna Tech Support | We Have Solutions For Your Email Problems!

At SENTEC business solutions Canada we provide the best IT support in Kelowna. We make sure your business is up and running. Don’t worry about having downtime we take care of that. If you want to have a business that has a successful running organization with Streamline IT solutions SENTEC is the right provider for your IT needs.

We will come in and we will fix any computer problems, email problems security problems we know how to do it just contact Sentec. We can make sure that your employees are working efficiently, your bottom line is increased and your business is running smoothly. I know that business owners can have a lot on their plate. It can be stressful so don’t worry about your computers or network. SENTEC IT business solutions and we will take care of your problems when it comes to email we know that there can be a lot of security breaches.

So whatever email provider you have if you want Full control and make sure to contact SENTEC Business Solutions in Kelowna today because Sentec Kelowna is the best IT company in the Okanagan. We know what really makes a Business run efficiently so please contact us we will take care of any IT needs. We know how to take care of email security email spam email verification anything email related SENTEC business solutions Kelowna can take care of thank you very much.

Do you ever struggle with your email? Do you wish that you would be able to fix all your problems with your email and just be able to send emails without any bugs or hassles? Do you ever wonder if there are viruses in your emails or your maybes trying to message someone and accidentally message the wrong person?

Here at Kelowna SENTEC we fix all businesses email problems. We will give you peace of mind when it comes to your email. We will even put in security measures to make sure that your employees can open suspicious emails or if they do you want to have complete control of who in your organization is seeing or receiving emails. Also make sure you’re sending emails to the right people because that is important you don’t want the wrong emails going to the wrong people don’t open malicious emails because that can damage your organization.


Kelowna Tech Support | We Have Solutions For Your Email Problems! 


Well at SENTEC IT business we will always make sure that your emails are up-to-date. Security is always in place for your email protection contacts and type in Kelowna. We will make sure your emails are protected secure they are backed up do you ever want to go back in time to retrieve emails that you sent well.

Don’t worry about contacts and tech we will go through and we will update your email security preferences so that even if you send an email you could always go back. At Kelowna‘s SENTEC we provide 365 email security don’t worry we will back it up to the cloud have an offsite backup you have full control of your email security. As well as be able to set filters and spam protection and never open malicious bugs or back rows that might damage your organization. Don’t worry Sentec will fully cover you we will back you up and we will support your organization 100%.

We work with small to medium-size businesses to make sure that your email is always up and running. Number one always used two factor certificates. The basic principle for two factors indication if you want to combine something you know with. Something you also want to consider: many people use a weak password for Gmail two-step verification is simple for windows mail Outlook or similar process.

Just go into your password and security tab and click set up two-step verification now that you’re able to factor identification. Don’t let hackers use your password unless they’ve managed to steal your cell phone, always try to limit email forwarding, don’t just click forward when you get an email.

You need to make sure that it’s secure and you don’t know who’s been exposed to there are unsecured unequipped servers your covenant to be sending an email containing protected health information to a business associate. Just make sure that the forward it is going to the right person SENTEC can help you provide security on your email.

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