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IT Services Kelowna | Need A Password Removed? Call Us!

Are you looking for really great IT support in Kelowna? Do you want the best IT support for local Okanagan businesses? Well you have come to the right place. SENTEC in Kelowna is the leading IT company. We have smart like-minded and intelligent stuff and technicians that are on call 24/7 to meet your IT needs. If your business runs into any IT problems we will fix the problem.

We have the top-of-the-line software to monitor any of your users and passwords. If you need any password reset we have tools that can remote into your computer and change your password for you and change any settings you wish to change. Don’t hesitate to call.

At SENTEC we want to earn your trust. We know that trust is most important and we believe that we can do it. Our technicians are high-quality and they are very skilled in what they do. That is the number one leading IT company in Kelowna, it’s the best in the Okanagan. We are highly proficient and we make sure that you are always up and running. Computer problems are never a problem when you call SENTEC. We want to see your business thrive.

We want to illuminate any downtime, any email issues and any phone issues. We know all the problems that can possibly happen, we take care of them fast. You’re a business owner and you’re busy, the last thing you want to worry about is tech problems. Well we have firewalls that back up as servers and optimization we can back up all of your data. 

Have you back up and running in seconds if anything goes wrong. We can protect you from security threats.


IT Services Kelowna | Need A Password Removed? Call Us!


Never worry about losing your password or getting hacked into your computer. We have password protection and security measures that make your workstation a safe place to operate your business. If you lose your password we can do password recovery very easily, or if you forget your password we can get it back to you. We can reset your password and make sure that only you have access to your workstation. We can also offer you remote login to your workstation. We can provide a secure environment for you and your coworkers to send emails, run software, and do anything related to your business that needs to be done. We take the stress away from your business and help you grow and scale to be more profitable. This is why you need SENTEC business solutions as your trusted and always available IT support 24/7; so that you can let us take care of your business problems.

Known for a credible and reliable source of intelligent information technology service providers, SENTEC business solutions in Kelowna is the right choice. You have come to the right place when you partner with us. Because we have seen it all. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. If you need data backup we don’t disappoint when it comes to getting the services you need. SENTEC in Kelowna call us today and we will schedule a meeting to do a free network analysis.
We will also upgrade your workstations if you are running Windows 7. We can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 very easily, very reliably. If you’re looking for people that want to get you amazing results and really help you our services are the right ones for you to definitely connect with.


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