IT Services Kelowna | Have A Computer Problem? Begin Here. - SENTEC

IT Services Kelowna | Have A Computer Problem? Begin Here.

Sentec Business Solutions in Kelowna is the best IT support company in the Okanagan. Do you have computer problems or need repairs? Give SENTEC Business Solutions in Kelowna a call and we will fix your computer problems. Start here and have a top-of-the-line running work machine in seconds.

Who is Sentec? We are a family run IT business started from a small home-based business. Now we are servicing Western Canada and have clients ranging from multiple different industries.

We know what challenges businesses face on a daily basis. So because of that, we know what the best solution is for your specific computer and/or network problem. Don’t hesitate to call us for any computer repair in Kelowna or any network problems and diagnostic problems in Kelowna.

What does SENTEC business solutions in Kelowna do? Well, we provide IT support for local and growing businesses. We can augment your current IT provider if you have in-house IT support we can provide a help desk. Or we can be your outsourced IT department in Kelowna for your local business.

IT Services Kelowna | Have A Computer Problem? Begin Here.

Why do we do it? We want to see local businesses grow and thrive and we know that computer problems should not be part of that. That’s why we want to come in and provide you with a free network upgrade when you take us on as your IT support. Say goodbye to your technical problems as our in-house staff is ready 24/7 to answer your calls and meet your IT needs.

When do we do it? Whenever you, or your staff, have a computer-related problem we are ready to jump on and fix it. We will fix the problem in the outlined SLA that we agreed-upon with our premium package all tickets are included in the monthly fee. Don’t worry about budgeting because we make it easy to budget for your IT.

Give Sentec Business Solutions in Kelowna a call today. We will provide a proposal for you that fits your specific business and is custom-designed to meet your IT and network computer problem needs. We have professional IT experts in-house ready all the time to service you.


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