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IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Performance Upgrades

Thank you for the opportunity to present something as your IT solution provider in Kelowna. We never disappoint our clients and we will be family and the thought of seeing a trust thing long-term relationship it’s going to benefit both of us. We believe that a win-win relationship in business can happen if those parties are open and honest and are in good communication. At SENTEC we have trained and hired great technicians to do the job right. Our technicians are trained and certified in areas of database backup and disaster recovery managed IT helpdesk Antivirus and malware protection.  What that means is you will be always protected from external threats, hackers, and malicious types of content.


When you come to sense I can text and take it as your IT solution how we set it up as we do a basic diagnostic of your entire network and look to see where there may be any security breaches or vulnerabilities. We then take the information we have and we analyze it to determine what the best IT solution for you is. We will come in and replace any workstations that are not functioning properly or our slow computers as well as we will provide a nasty vice for data backup not only for on-site but also offsite cloud backups for your network.

.IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Performance Upgrades

What we also like to do for our clients is put in a sonic wall. This is a corporate level firewall that’s going to protect you and your network as well as give you full access and control of all your domain so that you can monitor what is coming in and going out. You can set up user-level authority on your network so that all your employees have limited access to what they can see throughout the day. This will make them more productive, more proactive, and waste less time.


We will always deliver 100% absolute best customer support in the fastest response time is possible. We are the number one meeting IT provider in Kelowna, BC Canada and the reason for this is we are responsive, proactive and a 100% chance. We believe that in order for a lasting business relationship to work it needs to be a win-win solution that is both profitable for SENTEC and profitable for the client. Space if you are benefiting that means we are benefiting as well because we make money when your network is working.


We understand the problems arise in your organization and the benefit of the hiring center is we can proactively solve the majority of these problems that arise how do we do that while we are monitoring tools we have agents we install and we have awesome remote IT support.  This allows us to make sure that we are responding to you and solving your problems in a timely fashion and manner. Whatever you need whether it’s computer replacement, got a backup, server upgrades, Windows updates, and password removals we have you covered.


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