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IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Data Recovery & Much More!

Do you need data recovery for your computer workstation? Well SENTEC has got you covered. Here at SENTEC, we provide around the house 365 all-inclusive data recovery for your business needs. It is important to back up your data we all know that what some people don’t know is how severe data loss can have an impact on your business and your downtime.

We understand that it’s not easy running a business and having to think about your data can take up mental space in your brain. So with that being said, we want to provide you with data back up and disaster recovery.

It’s not good enough to just have your data backed up, what if your business goes down and it takes days to get your data back up? You need a solution that’s going to get your data back up and running fast, not weeks but within minutes.

SENTEC Business Solutions is here not only to back up your data, but we also have offsite backups and we can get your data back up very very quickly using virtualization and external hard drive data recovery USB and SSD flash drive data recovery in Kelowna did you know that viruses can cause data failure you want to make sure that your organization is protected from external viruses and external threats like that.

What you don’t know is that data loss can happen as a result of human error as well it’s the number one leading cause of data loss so here’s some of the stuff we do in terms of recovering your data for your organization. What we do is we do recover deleted messages or pictures and contacts as well as videos from your devices.

IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Data Recovery & Much More!

We do data recovery and deleted messages from any pictures or contacts from all of your phones and laptops. If you experienced a loss emergency at home or in the workplace you can rely on the world’s number one provider in data recovery that is Sentec business solutions in Kelowna. Do you need a server recovered well hardware failures and errors from humans that are missing malware attacks from cyber threats and natural disasters can or a tribute to Data loss?

Sentec has experience with many types of storage technologies and can 100% recover data from the oldest to the most recent DS, SAN, SDS, NAS, or server environments on the market. We understand how disastrous losing significant data from your ST or USB can be so we want it to be our priority to recover it for you.

Our data disaster recovery engineers can access and extract files and photos from any portable device media that experience data loss. If your dad has suffered physical damages recovery in a cleanroom environment Is the only option. Other types of data loss events have the option of quick and reliable remote data recovery or recovering on-site by our team of experts.

Give SENTEC business solutions a call today and we will provide you with 100% safe and secure reliable service that’s going to fulfil and meet your needs as well as excel your expectations. We are the number one leading IT company in Kelowna and we are very confident in our ability to service you.

All the other companies will tell you the same thing but we come in and we tell you something different. We actually ask you why you are hiring us and why you need the support and we look at your internal operations and understand very clearly about what you need that’s what makes SENTEC and Kelowna different than anyone else.


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