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New Clients Get FREE Business Computers and get to try us out for 1 month for free! Windows 10 Pro Up-To-Date and Ready To Go. Risk free, cancel anytime in the 1st month and keep the computers! 

SENTEC is now offering FREE COMPUTERS to all new business customers. This means that your employees can get updated equipment with all of the speed and efficiency with zero of the cost. Updated technology for your business means more productivity and fewer IT problems. Learn More


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    At SENTEC we know that the cost of replacing all of the computers at your office is a budgetary headache. However, did you know that your employees are much more efficient when they do not have to wait around for their computers to load programs and documents? Well now, you don’t have to make those budgetary decisions anymore.

    All of our new business customers are eligible to receive these free computers. All you need to do is ask about the details of our program. There are some limitations, but not as many as you think.

    SENTEC is taking the pain out of IT budgeting so that you can get back to worrying about the real problems in your business. If you are in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba, you can get Free Computers for your business.


    These computers are not off-brand no-name pieces of junk that should have been in the trash years ago. In fact, these computers are brand name (Dell Computer), business-grade, Intel i5 Processor, 8GB of memory, and Windows 10, Professional. That means that your office environment will be completely up to date with the latest software, patches, and regulatory requirements.


    So what’s the catch? We want your business! There’s no catch. We are willing to give away Free Computers for Businesses for all new customers. It doesn’t matter if you are an office of 5 employees or 500 employees. We will put Free Computers at each employee’s work stations.


    Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe it does sound too good to be true, but we stand behind it. Your company gets the highest IT support along with all updated computer equipment. All you have to do is call or submit your information here.


    If you are in Western Canada and you are a business of at least 10 employees then you are eligible for Free Computers. 

    If you want to find out more information please call us. We will answer the phone with a human that natively speaks English and is easy to understand.