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What do you do with the data on your old computer before you sell it, trash it or give it away? Formatting the hard drive or using third party hard drive removal software will not get rid of the data on the drive. To ensure your safety and the safety of your personnel you must do something.

There is only one way to ensure your data is perfectly safe: DESTROY IT !

Dangers of Second-Hand PC Market: (BBC News)Data Destruction

“…Hard drives – the devices that computers use to store all sorts of data – are very easy to get hold of and there is a genuine market for people upgrading their computers with our cast-offs…

They end up in computer markets…all over the world…

The problem comes when someone with a criminal mind accesses the information that is stored on this hard drive…

A single hard drive can have thousands upon thousands of pages of extremely personal information.”

“…And remember: the files were recovered from a drive that had been through a tremendous explosion, and then had fallen *several miles* to hit the ground at high speeds and was burnt and twisted almost beyond recognition from the Columbia Space Shuttle…And they were still able to get more than 90% of the files.”



  • We offer a physical destruction service for computer hard drives in which we physically destroy the drive platters and Greencycle the rest.
  • We accept drives delivered by regular or certified mail, USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.
  • We will perform the destruction operations and provide as add-on options, a certificate of destruction and/or we can also return full or partial drive remnants by certified mail.
  • Our normal Hard Drive destruction procedure involves drilling the spindle out of the middle of the drive and then physically removing and physically cutting the disc/platters into hundreds of miniscule pieces. Any remnants are disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible, we call it Greencycling.
  • We can also accept larger non-standard drives or larger quantities on special order.

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