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IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Performance Upgrades

When you come to SENTEC and take us on as your IT solution, how we set it up as we do a basic diagnostic of your entire network and look to see where there may be any security breaches or vulnerabilities.

IT Services Kelowna | Need A Password Removed? Call Us!

If you lose your password we can do password recovery very easily, or if you forget your password we can get it back to you.

IT Services Yorkton | Remove Computer Viruses!

Networking problems are a big pain and can be really frustrating to deal with. It can also mean big problems for your company when they happen. Or for your business when something terrible happens to your business. The Network Department is typically able to deal with...

IT Services Kelowna | Your Computer Can Perform Better

Do you want your computer to perform better at SENTEC? We will solve your computer problems. I know computers can be a pain sometimes they can be slow you can get viruses also it's stuff like that. Well we can solve your computer problems. We have comprehensive tools...

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