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IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Performance Upgrades

When you come to SENTEC and take us on as your IT solution, how we set it up as we do a basic diagnostic of your entire network and look to see where there may be any security breaches or vulnerabilities.

Data Backup In Kelowna

IT Services Kelowna | Get Amazing Data Recovery & Much More!

Data loss can happen as a result of human error. It’s the #1 leading cause of data loss, So here are some methods we use in terms of recovering your data for your organization.

Computer Cleaning Service

IT Services Kelowna | Benefit From Great Computer Cleaning Services

When it comes to the cleanliness and cleanup of your computer you should definitely reach out to us. You’ll be happy to know that IT services in Kelowna come from the best which is SENTEC Business Solutions.

Unknown Computer Problems

IT Services Kelowna | Have A Computer Problem? Begin Here.

The Problem: I got an error message that says that the IP address is already in use. SENTEC Business Solutions Canada Works with clients in Yorkton providing computer Support

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